Khamis, 8 Mac 2012

Dedicated To All Woman

hye peeps


who knows where she's going
and will keep on until she gets there
who knows not only what she wants from life
but she has to offer in return

here's to the woman

who is loyal to a family and friends
who expect no more from others
then she is willing to give

here's to the woman

who gives the gift of her thoughtfulness
who shows her caring with a word of support
her understanding with a smile :)
a woman who brings joy to others
just by being herself

so to all the woman here 
happy woman's day

and u guys should proud to be a woman.
and of course i proud it.

and for sure this i dedicated to my lovely mum who always love me with theirs own way.
thanks mum i love you !


this world is a better place because of the presence of WOMAN,mother,sister,daughter,friends, or wife. 
no matter what their role. they add meaning to our existance 
they bring love into our life.

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NadNod berkata...

<3 <3 I'm proud to be a woman. hee :)